What’s hot and not in Home Styles this year.

Whether you’re a fan of Modern design or prefer an old-school Craftsman, it’s always interesting to see what’s trending around the country.  We’re very lucky in Atlanta to have such diversity in our neighborhoods’ architectural styles, especially in the fusion of old and new.

What’s hot and not in home styles this year – Yahoo! Real Estate.


Kitchens: The heart of the home & Key for selling your house.

The architect Frank Lloyd Wright felt that a house, as a home for a family, was an almost sacred place with the heat of a fire at its heart (typically in the family room).  Our lives and our homes have drastically changed since Mr. Wright was designing houses.  Today, we spend the majority of our time in the kitchen.  Whether we’re preparing/eating meals,  paying bills, doing homework or just hanging out; the kitchen’s where it’s at!  The life of the house or the party is always in the kitchen.  Subsequently, it has become the heart of our homes.  And, our hearts need to be paid special attention to.  Clients always ask me where they should prioritize their renovation dollars and my answer is always:  The kitchen (bathrooms, too, but, that’ll be a different post!).

Check out this great article: http://realtytimes.com/rtpages/20120124_kitchens.htm#.TzAPvLes-lA.twitter

IRS Energy Credits | How To Collect 2011 Tax Energy Credits?

If you made improvements to your home in 2011, you may be eligible for tax credits from the IRS!

IRS Energy Credits | How To Collect 2011 Tax Energy Credits?.

How to Declutter Your Home – Tips to Declutter Your Home – The Daily Green

Happy 2012!  I love the start of a new year.  To me, it signifies a fresh start and offers 365 new days of possibilities.  It’s also my favorite time of the year to get organized…very much, out with the old & in with the new.  Here’s a great article on getting rid of the clutter that oftentimes weighs us down.

How to Declutter Your Home – Tips to Declutter Your Home – The Daily Green.